The Story of Brittney Peters – Video Transcript

This page contains the accessible version of the "The  Story of Brittney Peters" video. The video appears on the "Flu Vaccine (Nasal)" page and the "Influenza (flu)" page.


Brittney was just a joy, her silliness, her sweet personality. She was so vibrant, she was athletic, she was a cheerleader since probably about the age of five. She always just wanted to make sure that everybody around her was happy.

She came down with cold like symptoms. A cough, runny nose. You know, she felt well enough even to go to school on Tuesday. She went to school and went to gymnastics that evening.

On-screen text [0:37]

During bad influenza seasons, nearly 30 percent of school-aged children get sick and miss about 38 million school days a year overall.


The following morning, she woke up and she said she was having trouble breathing, it hurt to breathe. After going to the urgent care, you know, they just said, you know, she probably has the flu. They gave her some antibiotics, drink lots of fluids and she’ll be okay. I guess it was 12 hours after that her lung had collapsed so when she got to the hospital they decided that she needed to go to up to the children’s hospital. During the transport she went into cardiac arrest and after 50 minutes of CPR they were able to bring her back but unfortunately, they determined that she was brain dead at that point.

On-screen text [1:33]:

The flu vaccine helps children stay free of influenza during the flu season, and potentially helps stop the spread of the virus to their families and communities.


First and foremost, go get your child vaccinated. If you don't, something like this can happen where you think it's a cold and then 24 hours later your child has passed away. You can't not get a flu vaccination.


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